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       On this occasion Mark was playing the new Roland AT-350c portable and his programme certainly included something for all tastes.

       Traveling up from the West Country early that morning he seemed to bring the good weather with him which was reflected in a good turn out for an artiste little known in the area. No one could have been disappointed in the delightful afternoon’s entertainment and from the audience’s response to his music and laid back West Country approach to his presentation, he’ll be back!!

Roland AT-350, Mark’s Concert Instrument

       The organ plays a big part in Mark’s life with three instruments to his name including two Roland ATELIERs and a huge Allen Digital Theatre organ. His love of the later clearly shown by a few of the items included in his selection of music.

Items Included:

       Marches, A South Pacific selection, 1920’s Medley, A Harry Belefonte selection including vocals from the man himself! Big Band with a Sinatra/Tony Bennett medley complete with video. “Dream” medley containing many well know tunes with the word in the title. To finsh Mark gave us a steamy selection with a whole heap of Johnny Cash train tunes with more video for the journey.


As an encore Mark gave us Roller-coaster a fabulous finger twisting Theatre Style piece.


       Mark's concert programmes contain a variety of music shown off to the best by the most recent equipment available.

Mark is a part time Steam Train driver down in Devon and is often found behind the controls of a large locomotive trundling through the beautiful countryside. On this occasion however he was in full control of the Atelier’s facilities giving us a real whistles-top tour of his musical tastes, styles and abilities