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DTKM Copyright KeyNote Concerts © All rights reserved. Created By DTKM WHAT A GREAT TIME WITH Andrew  Nix

Andrew Nix, the ever jovial Yorkshireman, has established himself on the organ circuit not only as a musician but also as an entertainer and he was certainly on top form.

A Cracking CHRISTMAS Concert

His varied programme along with his Yorkshire humour which has made him one of the country’s favourite performers came over in waves.

With a wonderful mix of styles from Orchestral to Theatre Organ Andrew presented us with all kinds of music from his repertoire and of course many with a seasonal flavour. Some pieces have now become synonymous with certain performers on today’s circuit and Andrew has a number to his name.  

Not least of these is a tune penned by the late Bill Owen (Compo from Last of the Summer Wine) “So Lucky”.

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon in his company and he truly set us up for Christmas.

Andrew is definitely on the KeyNote list of artistes to return!