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CHIHO SUNAMOTO has been described as the Vanessa May of the organ and keyboard world, brings a breath of fresh air onto the keyboard scene. Originally from Matsuyama, in the South of Japan, Chiho began by learning the piano at the age of 3, from there progressing at the age of 9 to the local Yamaha Music School to learn the art of organ playing.

Chiho’s shows always include such a wonderful mix of music and the afternoon was to be no exception. It also included one or two surprises, not least of which was when Jon Smith (Chiho’s partner) joined her on stage for some delightful piano and vocal duets.

Jon, a full-time and much in demand musician in his own right traveled down with Chiho from Sheffield on the day and together they performed for us at KeyNote on both Yamaha EL-900 and Tyros 4. With stunning musical arrangements of Classical, Popular Standards and unusual pieces such as Disney’s “Winnie The Pooh” both Chiho & Jon brought yet another refreshing selection of musical items to thoroughly entertain us.

At the close of their programme Our KeyNote audience refused to let them go without an encore and they chose a lovely piece send us on our way with a keyboard and vocal “That’s All”

(We hope not, we are sure they’ll be back!!)

Video filmed on iPhone and kindly supplied by: Phill Wallis Chiho Sunamoto with surprise guest artiste Jon Smith Chiho  sunamoto