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DTKM Copyright KeyNote Concerts © All rights reserved. Created By DTKM Sunday 2nd DAVID THOMAS OCT 2011 LAST MINUTE SUBSTITUTION

Hi David & Teresa,

We wanted to talk to you at the end of the last concert however we could see you were both busy talking to others & we had to rush off.

We would like to convey to you how much we enjoy the Concerts. We are relative new comers to keyboard  & organ concerts having only purchased our first keyboard at Christmas.

The first concert we attended was Tim Flint’s and we were blown away by his expertise & musicianship, & my goodness his lovely daughter was superb (Oh, to have even half her confidence). We have enjoyed all the concerts we have attended however last months was truly amazing (we are not saying it just because it was you!). We were mesmerised not only by your playing but your use of the screen is unbelievable, hearing & seeing Jim Reeves float across the screen gave things a new dimension for us. Seeing the babies was so funny, we don’t know how you managed to do it but at times they seemed to be skating in perfect time to your music.

Finally we have to mention your duet with Bing Crosby where unbelievably you made an excellent stand in for Frank Sinatra, don’t know where you get your ideas but keep them coming.  We would love to see you performing again somewhere.

We had a brilliant afternoon & look forward to future concerts although due to other commitments we are not able to make all the dates we will certainly be attending as many as possible.

Many thanks to you both & the team of helpers for giving us great entertainment, because that is precisely what the concerts are.

See you soon,

Dave & Christine Woods (March, Cambs)

October’s concert was quite an eventful one, firstly Pete Shaw was unable to play for us due to an unfortunate accident, and we wish him a speedy recovery. Secondly David Thomas took over the reins at the last minute, and gave us a really enjoyable afternoon, playing a good selection of well-known tunes, in his own style.   

We all owe him a great debt of thanks, and look forward to hearing him again soon. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to David and Teresa for all the work they put in to make our concerts so enjoyable.

Don Kelleher and Geoff Howe

Artistes swapped in programme after “Breaking” News