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      Pete is an extremely busy musician traveling the country with his own shows, as part of the award winning “Saremma” a Keyboard Vocal Duo (with his wife Yvonne), running his recording studio and also creating arrangements for many bands and vocal artistes touring today.

       With such a CV it’s no surprise that Pete’s shows include so wide a spectrum of music and those in attendance for the KeyNote show were treated to an absolutely fabulous 2 hour programme of music, stunningly performed.

        Featuring his own multi-keyboard set up which includes instruments from the Yamaha, Solton and Roland stables Pete gave us such brilliant items as a tribute to the late Oscar Peterson, an arrangement of the old Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds Theme (with sampled voices from the show)  Throughout the show he delighted us with a few wonderful sounding vocal numbers. These included “You Raise Me Up”,  “Smile/Portrait of My Love” and then after cries for more following his final number, Pete performed an incredible encore of “I Love Being Here With You” from the Diana Krall library. He left us in no doubt of his fabulous musical talents as a keyboard artiste, arranger and vocalist.

       We endeavour to bring a variety of styles and musical talents to KeyNote and Pete’s show was certainly a definative afternoon of what we wish to achieve.

Thank you Pete for a wonderful and memorable afternoon of pure entertainment


       The first show for the new year saw a first time visit for an artiste with so many musical talents. Pete was due to be with us back in October 2011 but tragically suffered a broken leg in a freak accident and so was rescheduled for our New Year show.