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CHRIS POWELL Chris Powell has firmly established himself as one of the UK’s premier ‘entertainment organists’ as well as a truly international ambassador in the field of electronic and theatre organ music. Apart from his UK and European appearances he has several playing trips to Australia & New Zealand under his belt and we are thrilled to be able to bring him the Emneth Concert Stage. Always a bright and bubbly performer we know we’ll be in for a musical treat.


CLAUDIA HIRSCHFELD As part of her Spring 2013 UK tour we bring you international WERSI concert artiste Claudia Hirschfeld. This will be an exclusive appearance with our part of East Anglia and one definitely not to be missed!!!! Claudia is renowned for her electric performances of so many styles of music including a few of her own compositions. Appearing all over the world Claudia is often found in the company of many celebrities as a visit to her own website will reveal. Put This Date In Your Diary!!!

June 2nd 2013

ELIZABETH HARRISON After having to cancel her show in Feb 2012 due to the weather conditions we are delighted to be able to welcome Elizabeth in 2013. Greeting everyone with a smile and in her infectious a bubbly, full of life manner this friendly Lancashire lady has lived on a working dairy farm in Chorley for more than 28 years. Her very varied programme includes military marches, big band, orchestral arrangements, novelty tunes and much more. Never a dull moment throughout her performance!


BRIAN HAZELBY A lifetime in music. From early days playing the piano to three years in the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars military band in Germany playing clarinet and piano. After demob the long hard road of the professional musician started - from humble working men’s clubs to a residency in Bermuda with the Geraldo London Orchestra. Later as a bandleader for Mecca dancing in Birmingham and a one time member of the John Barry Seven. Always guaranteed to entertain and enthrall with a programme of wonderful music.   

April 7th 2013 May 5th 2013 July 7th 2013

PLAY-OKE As an added extra to the concert programme, we added a social date to the concert calendar in 2011. On Sunday the 4th of August we are holding our third “Play-Oke” which will enable patrons & visitors to join in including playing, singing, a music quiz and all kinds of fun. A chance to get together outside of our formal afternoons. Bring your music! Simon Nesbitt from BREVE MUSIC in Peterborough will be with us and David Thomas will be hosting the proceedings. Free Refreshments all afternoon.  Just £2.00 for non-patrons     

September  1st 2013

TIM FLINT Tim Flint is one of the most popular names in the organ and keyboard world. He is known not only as a brilliant musician, but a great flamboyant entertainer. Tim has been associated with Roland and their Atelier since the very first instruments were unveiled, and he has toured exclusively with Roland products ever since. Join us for an afternoon of Music, Laughs and top notch entertainment. Great to have him back.


DAVID THOMAS UK based musician DAVID THOMAS has nearly 30 years of experience in performing for audiences large and small. David’s easy listening style, gentle humour and laid back presentation has won him much appreciation throughout the British Isles and in Europe and he is in constant demand from groups, societies, clubs and individuals to provide his own brand of keyboard entertainment.

BRETT WALES    Brett is constantly in demand and playing to packed out venues all over the country. As a performer he is renowned for his use of technology to create his own sound and with German Wersi instruments. Laterly he and his great friend and colleague Chris Powell also now host their own KeyBreak mini-festivals but on this occasion we welcome him back on stage at Emneth in his laid back very popular stage manner.


CHRIS JONES    Chris is a firm favourite at many of the Keyboard Festivals with his flamboyant approach to the stage and choice of material. He started playing at the age of 11 and has been involved with music ever since both on stage and off. He is part of the Team at the Keyboard Cavalcade festivals and his presentation is always entertaining. Touring with a very unique setup Chris uses a customised combination to produce a great sound. We’re guaranteed some fun and laughs along the way.


DAVID HARRILD    From the age of 8 David slowly developed a passion for music with every open opportunity trying his hand on the school piano. After 1 year’s tuition, he decided that he would throw away the teaching books and play by ear. He wont mind us saying some years have passed and David’s “by ear” ability has become his trade mark as he developed in to true musician and performer we know today. Sit back and marvel at the arrangements and sounds that David produces from his multi-keyboard set up. Christmas is coming!


November 3rd 2013

TONY STACE    Tony Stace originally hails from the Sussex but for many years now has lived with his young family up in Yorkshire. He had always wanted to be a musician right from an early age when he took to the electronic organ and became a fan of the late and great Klaus Wunderlich, an artiste he still pays tribute to with many of his show pieces. Tony has become a firm favourite pole topper on the circuit and has used the same instrument in the Yamaha HX-1 for many many years, producing a sound which has become his own. Always popular we’ll be in for a great afternoon with this star performer.


January 5th 2014

MARTIN ATTERBURY    Martin comes from Burton-On-Trent where he is often found seated at the Town Hall three manual mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ. As well as his concert and dance work Martin teaches keyboard, piano and organ to a band of pupils near his home. Martin’s choice of programme of music always includes a great variety of material including refreshing pieces and we are sure if you haven’t seen or heard him before, there’ll be something in there for you. Touring with the Roland AT-350c, we look forward to having him at KeyNote for the first time.


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